To make an appointment: 02 779 42 75 or 02 340 83 76

General and professionnal dermatology: 

skin,  hair and nail diseases

Children and Adults

Cutaneous allergies:    eczema, urticaria, contact allergy ..

Patch tests

prick tests (at the clinique Saint Jean  02 221 99 00)

surgery: kysts, naevi and moles , lipomas, …

small veins sclerosis

Coronavirus – Advice

Dear Patient,

You have an appointment soon.  We would like to continue to give you the care you need. 

However, we would also like to give priority to the protection of all.  

Please find here some measures to protect you and us : 

  1. If you feel ill, if you have a cold, a runny nose or a cough, even if only slightly, do NOT come to the consultation.
  1. I want to keep my waiting room as empty as possible, so  
    • Don’t come too soon.  If this is the case, you could possibly wait in your car until the desired time.  Not more than one person is allowed to stay in the waiting room.
    • Come alone, or at most with one accompanying person 
    • Do not bring children with you, unless they are themselves patients.  If you have problems with the supervision of your children, it is better to have the appointment rescheduled
  1. I want to limit the time in the waiting rooms. It is important that the consultations are as punctual as possible. They will be SHORT and CONCISE and strictly limited to the essentials.
  1. We only allow payment by BANCONTACT. The device will be disinfected after each use.

For medical questions, for example in relationship with your appointement, you can contact me at For an appointment, please contact us at 02 779 42 75.

With kind regards

Dr MC Jacobs