You will be patch tested

patch tests are useful to detect contact allergy  (to metal from cheap jewellery, to perfume, etc) and involves the applications of various tests substances (30-60…) under an adhesive tape on the back.

Don’t take any shower, don’t play sport.  

Bring all the products you used, even if you do not suspect them: cosmetics, toiletries,  creams and other medications, professional products. Bring them at each visit 

Tests  are left in place for two days.  Then, the skin is examined. Some marks will be put on your back in order to keep visible the place where the tests were. No shower yet. As tests can stain, wear an old t-shirt.

After two other days, the second reading will be performed. Conclusions will be drawn… If available, you’ll receive lists of products to avoid and permitted ones. 

Tests can be focused on different problems. There are specific series as the European standard battery, a preservative and cosmetics series, a hairdresser’s series, a series for glues, cutting oils, rubber additives, plastics, acrylates, fragrances, textile dyes…

Before the tests

avoid sun exposure 2 months before 

1st visit (D1)

. bring all the products you suspect: cosmetics, creams and other medications, professional products…

. keep your back dry: no shower

. avoid sport

. take an old t-shirt, as tests can stain

2nd visit (D3)

. tests are removed

. 1st reading

. pencil marks will be drawn.  

.  no shower yet

3rd visit (D5)

. last reading

. conclusions

. list of products to avoid and permitted ones.